Friday, November 4, 2011

Comparative Analysis

Design Theory Exam
Describe each piece in detail comparing similarities and differences, interpreting possible meaning and symbolism.
Looking at these two pieces we can clearly see that they similar items of jewellery, both pendants yet they look very different. There are many similarities and many differences in these pendants
Looking at pendant A, it is a hollow constructed box that has a hidden pearl inside. The box looks like it has been made of white metal. To manufacture this box the manufacturer has taken sheet metal and made a square lid and base and for the sides has take two longer strips of sheet metal and bent it in half to make an “L”shape then soldered the two “L”s to made a square. The manufacturer has drilled holes in the bottom of the box. The pearl has been threaded onto a chain and then the chain has been thread through the holes. Another two holes have been drilled in the lid of the box and the chain has been threaded through there too. This pendant is looks like it should be worn on a long chain so it hangs in front of the ribs, just above the belly. The pendant is very cleverly made by the designer so that the audience becomes curious as to what is in the box when it is closed and when they open it are surprised by a delicate pearl. The symbolism behind the piece I think is that beauty can be hidden and by taking the effort to “open the box”or getting to know someone better or deeper we get to experience their inner beauty, like the pearl.
Looking at pendant B, it is a hollow constructed round pendant made from white metal with a pearl set in it. The manufacturer has taken sheet metal and pierced out two circles which he/she has then domed slightly to exactly the same size and soldered together. A half circle has then been pierced out of the top of the two domes, this is where the pearl sits. The bale is very simple, a jump ring that has been attached to the pearl. This pendant looks like it could be worn on either a long or short chain. It looks like it is quite large compare to the average pendant so it would not be a piece you could wear every day, I would imagine you would wear it on special occasions. By making the pendant round and placing the pearl were he/she did, the manufacturer has brought about the feeling of elegance and sophistication. The manufacturer has also added to this elegance by making the bale small and round, small so that it does not detract from the main piece and round so that it fits with the whole smooth flow of the piece.
Many similarities and differences can been seen in these two pieces. The most common similarity is that both pieces are pendants that have been hollow constructed. Although pendant A is very rectilinear and square whereas Pendant B is very curvilinear and round. Both of these pendants contain pearls the only difference in that Pendant A has a white/cream coloured pearl and Pendant B contains a black pearl.boh pendant A and B have a matt finish. Another difference between these two pendants is that pendant B has a bale whereas pendant A does not. Lastly Pendant B is a solid piece pendant meaning it does not open or come apart and pendant A is a box that opens and can be worn in many different ways.

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  1. Clear descriptions! Good understanding of construction and some perceptive interpretations with pendant A. How does symbolism compare with B ?